Butlers Chocolate Café, Henry Street  (2290 views)

  Experience two pleasures together at Butlers Chocolate Cafés; heavenly coffee, coupled with the intense enjoyment of premium luxury chocolates. At Butlers Chocolate Café, we serve a diverse range of hot and cold coffee drinks, including americanos, lattes, cappuccinos, and mochas - not to mention, decadence of decadence, our justifiably famous and award winning Butlers Hot Chocolate. All of our hot drinks come with a complimentary chocolate. Chocolate cakes and buttery croissants are also available – many of which are flavoured, covered or filled with chocolate. Customers can purchase a taste of chocolate happiness from the delectable range of chocolate offerings available in store. Butlers Chocolates make the perfect gift and customers can choose from the gorgeous range of luxury chocolate assortments, hot chocolate at home, delectable fudge and creamy toffees, deliciously moreish chocolate bars or choose to create their own box of favourites from the loose chocolate counter.
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Location of Butlers Chocolate Café, Henry Street
31 Henry Street, Dublin 1.
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